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Top 10 Reasons Why People Fail To Find Jobs in Dubai

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Top 10 Reasons Why People Fail To Find Jobs in Dubai. Everybody has a dream to find work and live in Dubai. People come to Dubai on a visit visa to try their luck, but most of them are being failed to find jobs in Dubai due to lack of knowledge and preparation.

Top 10 Reasons Why People Fail To Find Jobs in Dubai

Finding a good job in Dubai without college degree has become crucial for everyone whether a job seeker in the UAE on a visit visa or trying from home country. After a deep research, I have written in details on Top 10 reasons why people fail to find jobs in Dubai.

This case study based on detailed research will describe your most common and worst mistakes based on the job you are not getting.

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Why People Fail To Find Jobs in Dubai

Complete Guide on Why People Fail To Find Jobs in Dubai

By following below complete guide, you can avoid the worst and common mistakes that will lead you to find your dream jobs in Dubai.

1) Applying For a Job From Outside The UAE

The Dubai job market has become more and more competitive than last years. Applying for a job from outside the UAE is one of the worst decisions ever made by job seekers nowadays. That time has almost gone when your salary, local cost of living, visa, flight ticket and other expenses were confirmed for an overseas job offer.

With the passage of time, the recruitment process has almost been changed over the years due to tough competition. So if you are eager to find jobs in Dubai, you must be residing in the UAE on a visit visa to maximize your chances of getting hired.

Due to Dubai’s highly tough job market, thousands of potential job seekers are waiting for their turn that are actually live in Dubai, can conduct face to face job interviews and explain their strengths and weaknesses.

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Then the question raises, why an employer should hire from outside the UAE. So this could be the possible reason of not getting a job in Dubai.Why People Fail To Find Jobs in Dubai

Why People Fail To Find Jobs in Dubai

2) Wrong Time Choose To Visit Dubai

The most common cause of failure is wrong time choose to visit Dubai. I would certainly advice you not to visit Dubai in the month of January, May (Ramadan), June (Eid Al-Fitr), July, August (Eid Al-Adha) and December (Christmas/New Year) when it comes to hiring.

Because of these events, the hiring process almost remains no longer active so you should avoid traveling to Dubai. The best time to visit Dubai for job seekers in the month of February, March, April, September, October and November.

So these bunch of months are good enough for searching a job in Dubai.Why People Fail To Find Jobs in Dubai

3) Unfocused Boring Resume/CV

Why People Fail To Find Jobs in Dubai

The unprepared boring CV format most probably won’t nail your dream job. However, so called unfocused poor format maybe puts your CV down in front of employer’s eye.

These types of boring CVs are finally forced the employer to reject and move him to the next deserving one. If you are looking for a job in Dubai either full time or part time, having the perfect resume and cover letter is vital which help you to stand out from the crowd. So this could be another reason of failure in finding a job in Dubai.

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4) Consider For Apply Online Only

Why People Fail To Find Jobs in Dubai

The worst mistakes almost job seekers do is consider only one source called apply CV online. According to my observation and based on my own experience, applicants depend upon on a single source. That means, they have selected or memorize it 3-4 or 6-8 job hunting sites and forward their CVs on the daily basis and wait for the interview calls.

And then nothing happened, they complain, some blame on the websites, some blame their destiny and some people give up. I urge you to create your profile on different social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, which is known as powerful job search weapons.

So this could also be another reason of not hiring for a job in Dubai.Why People Fail To Find Jobs in Dubai

5) Drop Off Resume in The Hands Of HR VS. Sending by Email

Why People Fail To Find Jobs in Dubai

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Most of job seekers are unaware the importance of dropping off resume in the hands of HR. In their thoughts, both are similar or they can’t even differentiate between both of them. Job advertisements generate daily hundreds of job seeker’s CVs by email.

However, a bunch of receiving CVs raise confusions and as well as questions that how to search a most deserving candidate in the bunch of CVs. So whenever you drop off your resume in the hands of HR at that moment you may introduce yourself in front of recruiting manager.

So this is an unforgettable moment and differentiates you from other candidates.Why People Fail To Find Jobs in Dubai

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6) Job Seekers are Unaware Of Power Of Social Media

Why People Fail To Find Jobs in Dubai

Nobody can underestimate the power of social media how it’s important for job seekers. Social media used to connect both employers and employees to each other. According to research, 92% of recruiting companies are using social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networking sites.

However, Facebook used after LinkedIn. Some quick advice for young employees who are totally unaware the importance of job search weapons called LinkedIn and Facebook.

My advice is to create a complete profile on LinkedIn and Facebook, put your every information there which they want from you. Join jobs and careers related active pages and groups and discussions there.

Believe me; you will be amazed to see the improvement in your jobs and career field. If you have not tried yet, then maybe this could be another reason based on the job you are not getting.Why People Fail To Find Jobs in Dubai

7) Lack Of Preparation in a Job Interview

Why People Fail To Find Jobs in Dubai

Lack of interview skills may fail you what you actually deserve. There are many reasons can make the employers disappoint such as lack of knowledge of the field you are interviewing, lack of knowledge of their organization, lack of eye contact, lack of confidence etc.

Based on research and learning, you can make yourself perfect and convince the employer you are the most deserving person for a job. So make yourself prepared before attending an interview.

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8) Job Seekers Who Apply For The Wrong Position

Why People Fail To Find Jobs in Dubai

The most common reason of failure is applying for the wrong position. Whenever you see some job ads like attractive salary, accommodation, visa expenses, flight tickets and other allowances then you just fall in love with the amount of salary package without knowing such skills, qualification and experience, you forward CVs blindly.

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It’s human error or human nature whatever you call, but this is something bitter truth which can’t land you on the table of an interviewer. However, sooner or later this blunder will realize you that you have chosen the wrong job to apply. So this usually happens with job seekers when they impress to see the salary package and when they frustrated from unemployment.

9) Have No Job Reference in Resume

Reference could call PR (public relations) or source in other words. With passing time, reference plays a major part in getting a job in Dubai. Some companies still exist who don’t advertise their jobs in newspapers and on online job hunting websites.

However, they pick the candidates for the particular job through references. Due to lack of networking, getting a job can be extremely frustrating for many job seekers nowadays. Therefore, you need to focus on increasing the quality of references.Why People Fail To Find Jobs in Dubai

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10) Become Victims Of Recruitment Agencies

Why People Fail To Find Jobs in Dubai

When your job search feels hopeless and you are close enough to give up. At that moment, you get started to approach recruitment agencies to get a job in Dubai. What does mostly agents do?

They make false promises, fraud, scams, abusive after taking recruitment fee. I’d certainly advice you from core of my heart find legal employment agents who are license verified and can be approved by the government.

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Finally, an article comes to an end. It was really a very time consuming work which invested on research and writes. However, your continue love and support and raises some questions insisted me to write this post. And I have done so far.
My precious advice to young peoples (newbies) who are unaware of the fact about looking a job in Dubai is to apply above top 10 reasons of failure to find jobs in Dubai in your career.
If you’ll be able to avoid above common mistakes then believe me, you can turn your failure into success. Before ending a blog post, it’s a humble request to all readers, please share this article as much as you can so others can also be aware of the fact. Because your little support makes me stronger than yesterday.
Why People Fail To Find Jobs in Dubai

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