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Work in Spain without knowledge of the language 2020

Work in Spain

Work in Spain: To look for work in Spain for those who do not know the local language, you can use the usual methods for all:

  • through employment agencies, among which Flexi Plan, Adecco, Alta Gestion are considered famous and reputable;
  • through the Internet. Attention should be paid to the sites for diasporas, which in social networks have their own groups, or create special sites on the network;
  • with the help of friends and acquaintances;
  • study of announcements on specialized sites, publics, groups, newspapers;
  • You can buy a tourist ticket to visit Spain, and then meet with a potential employer;
  • go for an internship in a particular company.

Work in Spain without knowledge of the language 2020

Difficulties with employment

Among the problems that Ukrainians and Russians may face when looking for work in Spain , it is worth noting the following:

  • The absence of a candidate for a particular position on the part of residents of the European Union .
  • The employer has a certificate issued by the local employment service stating that the Spaniards do not apply for this position.
  • Confirmation of qualifications and skills in the selected field.

Similar difficulties arise for those people who are going to move to Spain for a long time. For seasonal workers, such difficulties are much less common. #Work in Spain

Primary requirements

To apply for a particular vacancy, applicants must have an official work permit. You can get it from the employer, which must be requested from the Ministry of Labor of the country. If the document is received, then the process of calling a foreigner to work may begin.

  • On the basis of a work permit, a work visa is issued to Spain , and only for the period specified in the invitation.
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A few tips on how to find a job in Spain are in the video.

Previously, illegal employees could be legalized 3 years after staying in Spain, but this rule was abolished, given the large number of illegal workers. Illegal employment in Spain can face not only a fine, but also deportation from the country.

Of the other requirements, it is worth noting basic knowledge of the language: Spanish or English. Since Spain is not very fond of speaking English, it will be very difficult to find a job even with perfect knowledge of the language. As an exception, in Spain there are many international companies whose main language is English. And even if you managed to find a job, you should definitely attend Spanish courses. Work in Spain

Required specialties

Spain is a country that is experiencing a shortage of not only highly skilled workers. The tourism industry is well developed in the country, so animators, bartenders, hostesses, waiters, masseurs and cooks are required in hotels and entertainment centers.

A shortage of these specialties in the hotel and restaurant business sector arises because this work is often poorly paid. On average, about 1,000 euros per month are received by service workers. Citizens of Spain consider such a salary to be low, therefore they do not want to find a job, and for residents of post-Soviet countries this salary is quite acceptable .

Other professions in demand in Spain in 2020 :

  • Doctor.
  • Programmer.
  • Seller.
  • IT – specialist.
  • Worker of wind power plants.
  • Cameraman Bank employee.

Highest paid professions

According to research, the highest paid profession in the Kingdom of Spain is an air traffic controller. The air traffic controller’s salary depends on the airline, but on average, representatives of this profession receive between 350,000 and 750,000 euros annually.

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This annual salary significantly exceeds the average income per year of the average Spaniard. Recall that the average wage in the country is 22,700 euros per year.

Highest paid professions in Spain (Euro per year):

  • Soccer referee – from 50,000 to 100,000.
  • Financial adviser – from 40,000 to 60,000.
  • Radiologist – from 70,000 to 160,000.
  • Real estate registrar – up to 150,000.
  • Notary – up to 150,000.
  • Aircraft pilot – from 40,000 to 200,000.
  • Project Management Specialist – 70,000.
  • Dentist – 54,700.
  • Programmer – 53,300.
  • Orthodontist – 52,700.
  • Sales Manager – 52,000.
  • CFO – 45,500.
  • Commercial Director – 43,500.
  • Real estate agent – 42,600.

Salary by industry

Table: Spain salaries in various sectors

  • Gas industry 52,800
  • Finance and insurance 39,600
  • Information sphere 33 120
  • Mining industry 31 380
  • Public administration 27 720
  • Manufacturing industry 26,000
  • Scientific and technical activity 25,400
  • Water supply 25 300
  • Healthcare 24,700
  • Transport sphere 23,500
  • Construction 22,700
  • Educational industry 21 900
  • Real Estate 19 150
  • Entertainment industry 18,200
  • The provision of administrative services 15 800

Salaries in various professions in Spain

According to statistics, men in Spain earn 20-24% more women. The salary level depends not only on the industry where the worker is working and the position held, but also on the region. The highest salaries are received by workers in Barcelona and Madrid (about 2700), while in Alicante and Murcia the average salary is 1700 euros. Work in Spain

Table: salary for different specialties

Architect 1,400 Accountant 2,200 Driver 1,000 Plumber 3,000 Journalist 900 Engineer 4,200 Cashier 1,100 Nurse 1,580 Waiter 980 Security guard 1 900 Professor 2,300 Programmer 3,200 Construction worker 2,000 Supervisor 4,300 Social worker 1,400 Vehicle Rental Specialist 1,300 Television operator 1,700 School teacher 2 100 Farmer 1,500 Lawyer 2,500

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Work in Spain without knowledge of the language 2020

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